Pitching myself for industry: my roadmap for success

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Bridging the gap from academia to industry requires adapting our frame of mind, our discourse and our posture to a new and sometimes unfamiliar audience. We will together build your road map for change from academia to industry exploring your CV, your letter of motivation and your “pitch”.
You will have the opportunity to
• Define your achievements and your aspirations
• Understand your limiting beliefs and your challenges
• Consider how your skills match those needed by industry
• Learn how to identify job offers in the industry that seek your skills and welcome your specific talents
• Build a roadmap to bridge the gap between your skills and the skills needed in the industry
• Learn how to communicate effectively to assert your potential and maximise your chances of securing that first interview
• Practice your “pitch” for the interview to maximise your chances
• Identify your allies and explore how to network
• Build a roadmap to achieve your professional goals

This interactive workshop will provide you with
• Clarity on what is important to you and what changes you’d like to make
• An individualised road map on how to go about this change, starting now
• Advice on how to hone your “pitch” in a safe forum
• An opportunity to build and consolidate your network of support with likeminded peers

Vortragende Romaine Johnstone, certified executive coach, facilitator, and trainer
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