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Europäische Kommission

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about European Commission (EC) funding, including the framework programme Horizon 2020 , European Research Council (ERC) and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

General Horizon Europe
  • How does Horizon Europe look like?

    The discussion on the programme (strategy, rules of participation) and the financing are ongoing. The European Commission asked around 100 bio Euro for Horizon Europe. Commission, Council and Parliament found a partial agreement on the structure of the programme and the main areas.

    The programme is structured again in 3 pillars like in Horizon 2020: Excellent Science, Global challenges and Industrial competitiveness, Innovative Europe. There is also a horizontal line called widening participation and strengthening of the European Research Area.  

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  • What is new in Horizon Europe?
    • The European Innovation Council: one-stop shop to bring the most promising ideas from lab to real world application and support the most innovative start-ups and companies to scale up their ideas. It will provide direct support to innovators through two main funding instruments, one for early stages and the other for development and market deployment.
    • EU-wide R&I missions: ambitious, bold goals to tackle issues that affect our daily lives. Examples could range from the fight against cancer, to clean transport or plastic-free oceans. They will be co-designed with citizens, stakeholders, the European Parliament and Member States.
    • Open Science will become the modus operandi of Horizon Europe. It will go beyond the open access policy of Horizon 2020 and require open access to publications, data, and to research data management plans.  
    • A new generation of European Partnerships: Horizon Europe will streamline the number of partnerships that the EU co-programmes or co-funds with partners like industry, civil society and funding foundations.
    • Simpler rules: This will increase legal certainty and reduce administrative burden for beneficiaries and programme administrators.

    (taken from Euresearch Webpage)


    More details: Euresearch HE page


  • What will be the status of Swiss researchers in Horizon Europe?

    The rules of participation are still in discussion on European level. Switzerland is interested to be associated to the programme. SERI regularly publishes information on the programme and the Swiss status.

    More details: SERI 


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European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

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