Big Deals - Publisher negotiations

Since 2018 swissuniversities is negotiating with the publishers Elsevier, Springer Nature et Wiley  according to the Swiss National Strategy on Open Access to obtain a Read & Publis agreement that covers both the access to journals (Read) and the possibility to publish Open Access (Publish).

At the end of 2019 the situation for the three publishers is as follows:

  • Elsevier
    A memorandum of understanding  foresees a Read & Publish agreement for March 2020. Access to the journals is guaranteed until the new conctract is signed
  • Springer Nature
    No agreement could be found. There is no longer a contract between Springer Nature and the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries. However, Springer Nature  has informed that the journals remain accessible for the University for the moment. If this access is no longer guaranteed, the University has prepared an alternative service in cooperation with the Cantonal and University Library.
  • Wiley
    The contract with Wiley was extended for 2020 without a prize increase, hoping to conclude a Read & Publish agreement for 2021.

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