Studying Economics and Finance Differently (14th-15th June 2018, University of Fribourg)

Ten years after the 2007 financial crisis, the improvement of the global economic climate has encouraged some to definitely turn the page of such crisis, while others underline the continued existence of deep financial imbalances.

Beyond forecasts, we have reached a crossroads conducive to a step back and a multidisciplinary and critical thinking in order to review the reforms undertaken since the crisis, determine the issues of current developments and identify proposals for the future.

The Symposium is built around four topics: a) Economics and Epistemology, b) Casino Finance and Growth, c) Money and Financial Crisis and d) Teaching and Research. Speakers are expected from many universities in Switzerland and abroad. Participants are invited to give feedback on their respective analysis and concerns according to the topic concerned.


Language of the Symposium

 : French & English

When? from 14th June 2018 (10h.00) to 15th June 2018

Where?   PER 21 / Room A 230 - Bd de Pérolles 90, 1700 Fribourg

Tariff Free for AREF members. For non-members of AREF: CHF 30.-/day (CHF 20.-/day for students). CHF 50.- for the two days, including the Thursday night dinner

Compulsory registration Deadline 29.05.2018.



Prof. Marcel CANOY (NL/Uni-Tilburg)

Prof. Marc CHESNEY (CH/Uni-ZH),

Prof. Paul DEMBINSKI (CH/Uni-FR)

Prof. Michael DERRER (CH/HSLU)

Prof. Lukasz HARDT (PL/Uni-Warsaw)

 Prof. Solène MORVANT-ROUX (CH/Uni-GE)

Jacques NINET (Consultant),

Prof. Roland PEREZ (FR/Uni-Montpelllier)

Dr. Virgile PERRET (CH/Uni-FR)

Prof. Christophe REVELLI (FR/Kedge Business school)

Prof. Sergio ROSSI (CH/Uni-FR)

Prof. Geoff SCHNEIDER (USA/Uni-Bucknell)

Prof. Jean-Michel SERVET (CH/IHEID)