Graduation ceremonies


Due to the situation related to COVID, the Faculty is forced to cancel the October 24th graduation ceremonies for Bachelor students.

  • The diplomas will be sent to you by post during the week following October 24th.
  • Please check the postal address indicated in your MyUniFR portal.
  • If you do not have access to MyUniFR anymore and your address has changed, fill out This form.
  • Please correct your address by October 16th.


Twice a year, the Faculty awards students their diplomas during a formal ceremony. 


Participation requirements

To receive your diploma at the ceremony, you must have completed all of the requirements on time, have paid the fees, and have received your final attestation signed by the Dean.


Payment deadlines for ECTS

Bachelor: 18.09.2020

Master: 18.12.2020


If you meet all the requirement you will receive an invitation per postal mail a few weeks before the ceremony.

Next ceremonies

19.02.2021 | 17h00  

All Masters, doctorates, and habilitations