If you notice any gaps in our safety system, please inform a member of the Faculty safety commission, so that appropriate measures can be taken to rectify the situation.

  • Faculty safety commission
    The Faculty safety commission is made up of representatives of all concerned organizational units and works in collaboration with the service of the equipment (SELOG) for the coordination and control of all safety aspects linked to laboratory activities. This commission ensures the exchange of information, safety at work, the respect of legal prescriptions, and the education of collaborators and students in safety matters.



    Organizational unitRepresentative 
    Faculty – Coordination Nicolas Hoyler 8680
    Faculté – Dean's office Andrina Zbinden 8616
    Department of Biology Didier Reinhardt 8818
    Department of Chemistry Fabio Zobi 8785
    Department of Geosciences Bernard Grobéty* 8936
    Department of Physics Véronique Trappe 9119
    Medicine Section Anna Lauber-Biason
    Clemens Weber
    David Michel
    Adolphe Merkle Institute Michael Mayer 8968
    Central Services Aline Scherz
    Thomas Werren
    Gérard Hirt
    Ivo Müller



    * Current president


  • Department of Chemistry safety commission

    The safety commission of the Department of Chemistry is responsible for all aspects relating to safety and hygiene at work. It ensures the working order of safety infrastructure and accident prevention and organizes training of its collaborators in safety matters.


    This commission meets about once every six weeks and reviews recent incidents, future activities and measures to be taken to increase the safety of the building.


    Members of the commissionRole
    Marco Lattuada President of the safety commission
    Representative of physical chemistry
    Fabio Zobi Representative of inorganic chemistry
    Anne Schuwey Vice-president, CFST-safety delegate
    Representative of the administrative and technical staff
    N.N. Representative of physical chemistry
    Andreas Kilbinger Representative of organic chemistry
    Maja Ivanovic Secretary of the safety commission
    Priscilla Brunetto Representative of the Fromm Lab and Bio lab
    N.N. Representative of the intermediary staff
    N.N. Student representative
    Nicolas Hoyler Faculty safety coordinator
    Thomas Werren Chief of University safety