Facility management

The faculty is responsible for the facility management of rooms that can be rented for academic purposes. The Pavillon vert is among the rentable rooms; It provides an ideal location in the heart of the botanical garden.


For booking auditoriums, seminar rooms and other rooms, please contact the person in charge or corresponding service listed below.


Building Domain Contact
PER 01, PER 04, PER 05, PER 06 Biology, Biochemistry Adeline Guélat
PER 02, PER 03 Anatomy Christophe Duding
PER 07 Earth sciences Nicole Bruegger
PER 08 Physics Doriana Pedrioli
PER 09 Medicine David Michel
PER 10 Chemistry Maja Ivanovic
PER 11, PER 12 Mathematics Isabella Schmutz
PER 13 - Silvia Meuwly
PER 14 Geography Sylvie Bovel
PER 17, PER 20, PER 21, PER 22 Informatics and others Facility management