Here, you can find a list of offers for the Bachelor at the Faculty of Science and Medicine. The Faculty also offers training for teaching at the secondary level I and II (more information)


Participating and succeeding in courses, exercises, and practicals grants you ECTS credits ECTS – European Credit Transfer System. One ECTS credit corresponds to about 30 hours of work.


The Bachelor corresponds to 180 ECTS credits. Depending on fields, the Major corresponds to 120, 150 or 180 ECTS, including 12-48 propaedeutic ECTS. The additional ECTS are acquired through minors at 30 or 60 ECTS.


At the Faculty of Science and Medicine, Bachelor level studies are bilingual in French and German. Courses are given in the teacher's preferred language, but exercises and exams can always be done in any of the two languages.