To register to study at our University, follow the procedures at the  Admissions and registration services.

To register for minors, please find information here.

Below, find information about registration to courses, exams, and minors. For questions about these topics, please contact the reference persons of the corresponding domain.

  • Classes
    Semester dates and registration deadlines for classes

    You are strongly encouraged to register for the classes you are interested in following. This will ensure that you have enough spaces in classes with a limited number of participants.

    Online registration is open for 4 weeks after the beginning of the semester. Following this, you can still make changes (canceling a registration, late registration for BENEFRI students,...) for 8 weeks. 

    Registration form for BENEFRI students

    Academic year 2019-2020
      Fall semester 2019Spring semester 2020
    Beginning and end of classes 16.09.2019 – 20.12.2019 17.02.2020 – 29.05.2020
    Registration period 26.08.2019 – 20.09.2019 27.01.2020 – 21.02.2020
    Changes and late registrations 21.09.2019 – 15.11.2019 22.02.2020 – 03.04.2020


    Academic year 2020-2021
      Fall semester 2020Spring semester 2021
    Beginning and end of classes 14.09.2020 – 18.12.2020 22.02.2021 – 04.06.2021
    Registration period 24.08.2020 – 18.09.2020 01.02.2021 – 26.02.2021
    Changes and late registrations 19.09.2020 – 13.11.2020 27.02.2021 – 09.04.2021



    Procedure for registration to classes
    1. Log in to your  student protal.
    2. Select Student space   Studies  Classes.
    3. Select Register to classes and follow the prompts. 


    • In order to register for a teaching unit, you must have been registered during the previous semester or have paid your tuition fee for the new semester.
    • Registration to class is important because it facilitates the registration for exams and makes registering your results easier for the people in charge.
    • To avoid any problems, it is advised to check the data relative to minors and changes of study field in the portal.
    • If you follow a personalized study plan, it is possible that some courses do not appear in the offer list. In this case, select "Register outside of study plan" and explain why you are registering to this class. Please note that if you do not provide an explanation, your registration might be denied.
    • If you decide to not follow a class after registering, please cancel your registration.
  • Exams
    Exam sessions and registration deadlines

    Registration to exams is mandatory and does not automatically happen if you are registered to a class.

    Registration to exams is open for 3 weeks. Please remember the deadlines.


    Dates of 2020 exam sessions

      Winter Summer Fall
    Registration* 25.11.19 – 13.12.19 13.04.20 – 01.05.20 06.07.20 – 24.07.20
    Publication 13.01.20 – 14.02.20 18.05.20 – 19.06.20 10.08.20 – 11.09.20
    Exams** 27.01.20 – 14.02.20 02.06.20 – 19.06.20 24.08.20 – 11.09.20
    Results by 28.02.20     by 03.07.20     by 18.09.20    
    1) online:
    2) by postal mail:
    3) to the Dean:

    until 13.12.19
    until 17.01.20
    18.01.20 – 14.02.20

    Modified procedure:


    until 24.07.20
    until 14.08.20
    15.08.20 – 11.09.20

    *No more registrations passed this date.

    ** In principle no exams on official holidays.


     The summer 2020 session will take under special circumstances. Find information about the session here.


    Dates of 2021 exam sessions

      Winter Summer Fall
    Registration* 23.11.20 – 11.12.20 19.04.21 – 07.05.21 12.07.21 – 30.07.21
    Publication 15.01.21 – 19.02.21 24.05.21 – 25.06.21 16.08.21 – 17.09.21
    Exams** 01.02.21 – 19.02.21 07.06.21 – 25.06.21 30.08.21 – 17.09.21
    Results by 05.03.21     by 09.07.21     by 24.09.21    
    1) online:
    2) by postal mail:
    3) to the Dean:

    until 11.12.20
    until 19.01.21
    20.01.21 – 19.02.21

    until 07.05.21
    until 28.05.21
    29.05.21 – 25.06.21

    until 30.07.21
    until 20.08.21
    21.08.21 – 17.09.21

    *No more registrations passed this date.

    ** In principle no exams on official holidays.



    Information about the registration procedure
    1. Log in to your  student portal
    2. Select Student space   Exams/results  Exams.
    3. Select Register to exams and follow the prompts


    Canceling registrations

    You can cancel exam registrations as follows:

    1. On the student portal until the date 1)
    2. By written postal mail to the Dean's office, without justification, until the date 2)
    3. By written postal mail to the Dean of the Faculty with a justification (original medical certificate, death of a loved one) until date 3) The Deans decides whether the request is granted.
    4. The deadline for submitting an original medical certificate is fifteen days starting the day after the missed exam.
    5. Written requests must be sent by postal mail, dated and signed and must contain the student ID number and the code of the teaching unit.

    Results cannot be canceled after an exam has been done.


    • Teaching units are examined 2 or 3 times per year.

    • You are allowed a second attempt if the grade is below 4.

    • You must be registered to the semester in order to register for an exam.

    • If you have not properly registered your minor, you may run into trouble when registering for exams. Check that your minor information is correct in the student portal.

    • If you have a personalized study program, some classes might not appear on the list. In this case, register "out of study plan" and explain the reason for your registration. If you do not give an explanation, your registration might be denied.
    • If you have questions or problems, please contact the Dean's office.
    • At the Faculty of Science and Medicine, you do not pay an examination fee, but you do have to pay to validate your credits in order to receive your diploma.