Attestations and validations


A print-out of the results obtained can be requested from the reception of the Dean's Office. This print-out is authenticated by the Faculty seal and costs CHF 2.- per page.



To validate a validation package, Article 19 of the Regulation must be respected. When your study program or validation package is successfully completed, request the validation on your MyUniFR portal (under "Results and validation").

You will then receive an invoice at your postal address indicating the credits to be paid (CHF 2.- per ECTS credit). As soon as your payment is received, the Dean's Office will send you the corresponding transcripts.


Final attestation

The attestation of study completion is sent to you by post as soon as all ECTS credits for all the packages of the program have been paid.

Attestation outside of a Study plan

If you have exmatriculated before the end of your studies, or if you have interrupted or failed a validation package, you can request a certificate for the successfully completed credits.


  1. You must request validation of the validation package of your first year of study according to your Bachelor study plan as soon as you have obtained all the results.
  2. The transfer, or recognition of a UE is possible if the UE can be validated in the Faculty of origin.

It is mandatory that the UEs of the first year of the Bachelor major be validated at the end of the 4th semester in order to be able to continue your studies.