Inauguration of “Translational Neurosciences Platform” ---- UniFr / EPFL / Wyss Center

Académique ou spécialiste Autre

1:30 pm Visit of the Facility (Restricted to a Small Group, reserved in priory to those whose who did not see it before).

2:30 pm Scientific Part (presentation of ongoing research projects on non-human primates)

4 pm Coffee Break

4:30 pm Official Ceremony

5:30 pm Apéro

Intervenants Scientific Part:

Short intro by Prof. Eric M. Rouiller

Prof. C. Lüscher (Project Addiction)
“Optogenetically inspired deep brain stimulation to treat addiction”

Prof. G. Rainer (Project NeuroModulation of Behavior, Default mode)
“Comparative visual learning across mammalian species”

Dr. M. Capogrosso (Project ARM)
“Brain controlled spinal cord stimulation for the recovery of reaching and grasping after spinal cord injury”

Prof. S. Micera (Project NeuGrasp)
“Restoring grasping after paralysis using intraneural peripheral stimulation”

Prof. J. Bloch (Project Stroke)
“A clinically relevant primate model of subcortical stroke”

Prof. G. Courtine (Project Locomotion)
“Brain-spine interfaces to restore locomotion functions”

Each talk is 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes discussion.


Official ceremony:

- History and Perspective for the platform, Prof. Eric M. Rouiller, talk 15’
- Rector of UniFr: Prof. A. Epiney, talk 15'
- President of EPFL : Prof. M. Vetterli, talk 15'
- Director Wyss Center, Prof. J. Donoghue, talk 15’
Contact Department of Neurosciences and Movement Sciences
Karine Schneuwly

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