ONLINE WORKSHOP - Finding and applying for funding in academia

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• Receive information about funding organizations and suitable funding possibilities especially for women researchers (Switzerland and EU) and in respect of the academic level and career planning
• Know the most important features about planning and preparing an application and a research project
• Practical exercises: analysis of the current own career situation and work on the first part of an application.
This part will be prepared by the participants before the course starts and according to the trainer’s requirements
• Group coaching: participants present and discuss their career concept within the group and receive feedback by the trainer
Theory by the trainer combined with individual work, practical exercises, group discussion and feedback. This workshop takes place ONLINE.

Intervenants Susanne Matuschek, coach and consultant
Contact REGARD Programme d'ateliers
Claudia Möri
Av. de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg
026 300 70 43

L'inscription à l'atelier se fait à partir de 6 semaines avant l'atelier en ligne par le site web du programme d'ateliers REGARD. Cet atelier aura lieu EN LIGNE

 Inscription obligatoire

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