On this page only the most significant publications are listed. For a complete bibliography, please consult the web pages of the corresponding research groups.  This page is under development as more content will be added gradually.


  • Biology

     Bacher Group


    More than «100 worst» alien species in Europe.    

    Nentwig, Wolfgang, Bacher, Sven, Kumschick, Sabrina, Pysek, Petr, Vila, Montserrat (2018). Biological Invasions, online early.


    No saturation in the accumulation of alien species worldwide.    

    Seebens, Hanno; Blackburn, Tim M; Dyer, Ellie E; Genovesi, Piero; Hulme, Philip E; Jeschke, Jonathan M; Pagad, Shyama; Pyšek, Petr; Winter, Marten; Arianoutsou, Margarita;  Bacher, Sven; … ; Essl, Franz (2017). Nature Communications, 8, 14435.


    Socioeconomic impact classification of alien taxa (SEICAT).    

    Bacher, Sven; Blackburn, Tim M; Essl, Franz; Genovesi, Piero; Heikkilä, Jaakko; Jeschke, Jonathan M; Jones, Glyn; Keller, Reuben; Kenis, Marc; Kueffer, Christoph; … ; Kumschick, Sabrina (2017). Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Online early.


    A Unified Classification of Alien Species Based on the Magnitude of their Environmental Impacts.    

    Blackburn, Tim M; Essl, Franz; Evans, Thomas; Hulme, Philip E; Jeschke, Jonathan M; Kühn, Ingolf; Kumschick, Sabrina; Marková, Zuzana; Mrugała, Agata; Nentwig, Wolfgang; … ; Bacher, Sven (2014). PLoS Biology, 12, e1001850.


    A proposed unified framework for biological invasions.    

    Blackburn, Tim M; Pyšek, Petr; Bacher, Sven; Carlton, James T; Duncan, Richard P; Jarošík, Vojtěch; Wilson, John RU; Richardson, David M (2011). Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 26, 333-339.



     Glauser Group


    Dual Color Neural Activation and Behavior Control with Chrimson and CoChR in Caenorhabditis elegans. Schild, L.C. and Glauser, D.A. Genetics 2015 Aug 1; 200(4):1029-1034


    The Balance between Cytoplasmic and Nuclear CaM Kinase-1 Signaling Controls the Operating Range of Noxious Heat Avoidance    

    Schild, L.C., Zbinden, L., Bell, H.W., Yu, Y.V., Sengupta, P., Goodman, M.B., Glauser, D.A. Neuron 2014.


    Dynamic switching between escape and avoidance regimes reduces C. elegans exposure to noxious heat.    

    Schild, L.C. and Glauser, D.A. Nature Communications 2013; 4:2198


    Intragenic Alternative Splicing Coordination is Essential for C. elegans slo-1 Gene Function.

    Glauser, D.A., Johnson, B.J., Aldrich, R.W., and Goodman, M.B. PNAS 2011 Dec;108: 20790-20795


    Heat avoidance is regulated by transient receptor potential (TRP) channels and a neuropeptide signalling pathway in C. elegans.

    Glauser, D.A., Chen, W.C, Agin, R., MacInnis, B.L., Hellman, H.B., Garrity, P.A., Tan, M.-W., and Goodman, M.B. Genetics 2011 May;188(1):91-103



  • Chemistry

     Fromm Group


    Model peptide studies of Ag+ binding sites from the silver resistance protein SilE    

    V. Chabert, M. Hologne, O. Sénèque, A. Crochet, O. Walker, K. M. Fromm, Chem. Commun. 2017, 53, 6105–6108


    Nanobio-silver: its interactions with peptides and bacteria, and its uses in medicine    

    S. Eckhardt, P. S. Brunetto, J. Gagnon, M. Priebe, B. Giese, K. M. Fromm, Chem. Rev. 2013, 113(7), 4708-4754.


    Characteristics and properties of nano-LiCoO2 synthesized by pre-organized single source precursors: Li-ion diffusivity, electrochemistry and biological assessment    

    J.-P. Brog, A. Crochet, J. Seydoux, M. J. D. Clift, B. Baichette, S. Maharajan, H. Barosova, P. Brodard, M. Spodaryk, A. Züttel, B. Rothen-Rutishauser,  N.-H. Kwon, K. M. Fromm, JNanobiotechnol 2017, 15, 58.


    Antimicrobial silver-filled silica nanorattles with low immunotoxicity in dendritic cells    

    M. Priebe, J. Widmer, N. Suhartha Löwa, S.-L. Abram, I. Mottas, A.-K. Woischnig, P. S. Brunetto, N. Khanna, C. Bourquin, K. M. Fromm, Nanomedicine: NBM 2017, 13(1), 11-22.


    Coordination polymer networks with O- and N-donors: what they are, why and how they are made    

    A. Y. Robin, K. M. Fromm, Coord. Chem. Rev. 2006, 250(15+16), 2127-2157.



  • Earth Sciences

     Paleontology Group


    Still slow, but even steadier: an update on the evolution of turtle cranial disparity interpolating shapes along branches

    Foth C, Ascarrunz E, Joyce WG. 2017. Royal Society Open Science 4/170899


    A toothed turtle from the Late Jurassic of China and the global biogeographic history of turtles.

    Joyce WG, Rabi M, Clark JM, Xu X. 2016BMC Evolutionary Biology 16/236.



  • Medicine

     Spierer Group


    Differential patterns of functional and structural plasticity within and between inferior frontal gyri support training-induced improvements in inhibitory control proficiency.    

    Chavan CF, Mouthon M, Draganski B, van der Zwaag W, Spierer L. Human Brain Mapping.


    Inter- and intrahemispheric dissociations in ideomotor apraxia: a large-scale lesion-symptom mapping study in subacute brain-damaged patients.    

    Manuel AL, Radman N, Mesot D, Chouiter L, Clarke S, Annoni JM, Spierer L. Cerebral Cortex.


    Enhancing frontal top-down inhibitory control with Go/NoGo training.    

    Hartmann L, Sallard E, Spierer L. Brain Structure and Function. doi: 10.1007/s00429-015-1131-7.


    Spatiotemporal brain dynamics supporting the immediate automatization of inhibitory control by implementation intentions.    

    De Pretto M, Rochat L, Spierer L. Scientific Reports.


    Brain dynamics underlying training-induced improvement in suppressing inappropriate action.    

    Manuel AL, Grivel J, Bernasconi F, Murray MM, Spierer L.  Journal of Neuroscience.