Philomen Schönhagen

Prof. Dr.

 +41 26 300 8394

Communication and media history, history of communication theory, journalism and social integration, theory of mass and online communication, qualitative methods of communication and media research, gender and media


Philomen Schoenhagen is full professor of Mass Media and Communication Research at the Department of Communication and Media Research DCM, University of Fribourg in Switzerland. She received her habilitation (venia legendi for communication science) in 2002 from the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University (LMU) of Munich. Moreover, she holds a PhD and M.A. in Communication Science (major subject), History of Arts and Market and Advertising Psychology (minor subjects) from the LMU. She is co-editor of two book series in communication history and history of communication theory of the NOMOS publishing house.

Research and publications