Eveline Manuela Odermatt



 +41 26 300 7822


My research interests revolve around intra-European migration, migration and development, migration and social inequality, and new entangled realities – transnational configurations and multi-pluralities. I am particularly interested in how processes of migration and remigration transform, and are shaped by, human actors. I completed my PhD in 2017, at the Centre for Migration Research (SCMR), University of Sussex (UK). I worked on migration issues both as a researcher; e.g. at the School of Global Studies (University of Sussex) in the ESRC project ‘Optimising Refugee Resettlement in the UK’, and as a consultant to development agencies (e.g. for the SDC, GIZ). I am currently researching and teaching different aspects of migration at the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Global Development at University of Fribourg (CH). ​

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