Dr. Stefanie Neuner-Anfindsen

Lektor, German as a Foreign Language / Director of the Language Centre

For me, the University of Fribourg is...

the reason why I moved to Switzerland. Here I also met my husband. So, without the University of Fribourg my life would have been completely different.

Why did you choose the University of Fribourg?

In 2002, when I was offered the position of Lektor at the Learning and Research Centre, as it then was (the forerunner of the Language Centre), I was very glad, because permanent mid-level positions tend to be rare in Germany where I come from. At that time I had already worked on fixed-term contracts at various international universities and so the prospect of a permanent position was a great step up for me. But anyway, I liked Fribourg and its surrounding area very much, so I was happy to move here. in addition I was very attracted by the bi-lingual environment and I benefit from this all the time, since I speak at least three languages every day. As someone whose job is involved with the learning of languages, I of course find this simply marvellous!

What do you appreciate most about your work at the Uni?

My work brings me in contact with many different people inside and outside the University. my responsibilities are varied and challenging because I am often involved in negotiations or have to deal with subject matters which are quite new to me. I find this variety interesting and I also appreciate being able, through my work at the Language Centre, to help young people develop (language) skills which may perhaps assist them later on.

What reasons would you give someone for recommending that they take up a position at the University of Fribourg?

The University and also the city of Fribourg are of a reasonable size, so that you quickly feel at home. If you are someone who likes seeing familiar faces around, then this is the place for you. Although the multilingualism is a challenge, it is also a great opportunity to develop your language skills. The people inside and outside the University are friendly and helpful. Teaching German for Advanced Students in the Language Centre is really enjoyable, as the students are very motivated. I find it excellent that through the Language Centre students have the possibility of extending their language skills. In my opinion, that is a big plus in the University’s favour.