Admission as a visiting student for minor studies

  • General information


    A person registered at another Swiss university can undertake his/her minor studies at the UniFR if both of the following conditions are met:

    • The home university does not offer the chosen field. 
    • The deans’ offices of the faculties concerned at the UniFR and at your home university have given their approval.

    In this case, visiting students for minor studies can validate credits by handing in written papers or by taking exams.


    Visiting students for minor studies do not pay semester fees at the UniFR.

  • Application procedure

    1. Consulting the course offerings 

    Details of courses on offer can be found online. Should you have any questions, please contact the Studies Information Office (, as the Office for Admissions cannot provide course information or advise you on your choice of course.

    2. Online application deadlines

    Once you have made your choice of studies, please register online within the following deadlines:

    • Autumn semester:
      1 March - 30 September
    • Spring semester:
      1 October - 28 Februar

     No exception can be made regarding a change of deadline. 

    3. Confirmation from the home university

    To be able to study at the University of Fribourg as a visiting student for minor studies, you need a written confirmation/authorisation from your home university. Please get hold of this document before registering online.

    4. Online application

    Online application on Inscruni

    The validation of the online application for admission must be done within the deadlines given in section 2.

    5. Uploading the documents and receiving a confirmation

    Once the online application validated, you will have to provide the following documents:

    • Written confirmation from your home university
    • Registration certificate from your home university for the semester you wish to register

    Please upload these documents on Inscruni (PDF). Once the documents received, your application for admission will be processed and a decision will be sent to you by post.

    6. After the admission

    • Activation of your e-account
    • Your Campus Card will be sent.
    • Registration for courses directly with faculties

  Online registration  

 Students who are already enrolled at the UniFR must use the MyUnifr portal.