Seminar interdisciplinary issues in ICT

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    Faculty Faculty of Science and Medicine
    Domain Computer Science
    Code IN.7820
    Languages English
    Type of lesson Seminar
    Level Master
    Semester SP-2020

    Schedules and rooms

    Struct. of the schedule 2h par semaine durant 14 semaines
    Contact's hours 28


    Description The seminar consists in a study related to Interdisciplinary Issues in ICT. It is based on a literature review which results in a synthesis paper respecting the format of a 6 to 8 pages scientific article and a corresponding oral presentation of 10'+5' questions.

    Globally, the work can be considered as a first step of a research project, for example as a preliminary study for a PhD research work or any kind of innovative project.
    Training objectives The goal of the seminar is namely to learn:
    - about a given research topic within the scope of the seminar,
    - how to ask research questions on this topic,
    - how to search for scientific literature for answering the research questions,
    - how to build a scientific article by (1) synthesizing material found in the literature, (2) thinking about open issues, (3) organizing ideas and building a redline (see document "Guidelines for Seminar Work"), (4) writing a paper derived from the redline structure,
    - how to make a scientific presentation.

    MSc-CS BENEFRI - (Code Ue: 03789 / Track: T0) The exact date and time of this course as well as the complete course list can be found at

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    Additional Courses in Sciences
    Version: ens_compl_sciences
    Paquet indépendant des branches > Specialized courses in Computer Science (Master level)

    MSc in Computer science (BeNeFri)
    Version: 2010_2/V_02
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