Guided Autonomous Study (BAS1, Module 04); Year Two-Part One

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    Faculté Interfacultaire
    Départements Centre de langues
    Domaine Cours de langue : public spécifique
    Code R022.0233
    Langues Anglais
    Type d'enseignement Exercice
    Cursus Bachelor
    Semestre(s) SA-2019



    A critical analysis of a TV (Netflix) series (Drama or Comedy)

    This self-study project is done individually and in your own time but integrated into our lessons. You will be asked to present or share some aspect of your project in-class on an ongoing basis including a final presentation at the end of the course.


    TV dramas and comedies offer a rich example of everyday language in use. For this GAS project you are required to watch several episodes of a TV series (North American is recommended) and discuss the use of language and communication strategies and note down/record useful words and phrases that you wish to learn or use more often. The series you select should feature “normal” language/accents that would be appropriate for you to “copy” (incorporate into your speech) or that you would be highly likely to encounter in your life.

    Global aim: To refine one’s listening ability by listening for finer details in conversations; to expand one’s current vocabulary bank by learning carefully selected words and lexical phrases; to use metacognitive and metalinguistic strategies to analyze and discuss language; to observe the socio-linguistic use of English; to gain awareness of other features of effective informal communication in English such as the use of humour and paralinguistic communication strategies; to practice writing skills; to gain experience in producing a high-standard academic English-language final paper/report.

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    Examen - SA-2019, Session d'hiver 2020

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    Examen - SP-2020, Session d'été 2020

    Mode d'évaluation Par note, Par réussi/échec

    Examen - SP-2020, Session d'automne 2020

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    Examen - SA-2020, Session d'hiver 2021

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