Aquinas' Commentary on the Gospel of John

This ongoing elective course will read and discuss Thomas Aquinas’ Commentary on the Gospel of John in Latin and in English translation. Our reading of this work will also consult the texts of John’s Gospel (the Greek text, as well as Latin and English translations), as well as Augustine of Hippo’s Tractates on John’s Gospel (the Latin text and the English translation) and Aquinas' Catena aurea on John's Gospel (in Latin and English), his great complation of Patristic texts on the Gospels.

Aquinas’ Commentary is a mature work which he crafted as an advanced introduction to the Christian life for students who desired to deepen their knowledge and love of God, and of the universal call to holiness. This class will be entirely taught in English and is reserved to graduate students.
This course is held each semester as an ongoing reading of the Commentary.


Day and time : Wednesday 17:15 -18:00 
Classroom : Salle 4124 (MIS04)
Instructor : Michael Sherwin, o.p.

First session: September 16, 2020