Internal Appeals Committee of the University of Fribourg (IAC)

Tasks and Responsibilities

The IAC decides on appeals against:

  1. decisions by teaching staff, examination committees or other bodies responsible for examinations, provided that they do not relate to the evaluation of the content of examinations or of other competencies (for such cases there are the complaint procedures of the various faculties);
  2. decisions on complaints about decisions regarding the evaluation of the content of examinations or of other competencies and decisions concerning the recognition of academic performance, in particular of ECTS points;
  3. decisions by the faculties or their entities concerning admission to a particular course of study;
  4. other decisions, to the extent that this is provided for in the regulations of the University, of a faculty, section, department, institute or other University body – subject to any conflicting provisions in the regulations or statutes of the University.



Prof. Jean-Baptiste Zufferey, Faculty of Law


  • Prof. Joachim Negel, Faculty of Theology
  • Prof. René Pahud de Mortanges, Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Julia Gelshorn, Faculty of Humanities
  • Prof. Volker Grossmann, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
  • Prof. Marco Celio, Faculty of Science and Medicine
  • Robert Mosters, Research Staff representative
  • Bérénice Billotte, Representative of the Student Body


Relevant regulations

The provisions relating to the organisation of the IAC and the relevant procedures are to be found in the IAC Regulations

Legal Secretariat

The Legal Secretariat of the IAC forms part of the Legal Service.