Local Research Commission

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Local Research Commission is an organ of the Swiss National Science Foundation in the meaning of Article 24 ss of the Foundation’s statutes. Apart from the powers conferred on it by the Common Regulations, the Commission deals, in an advisory capacity, with questions relating to research submitted to it by the Senate or Rectorate. In particular it deals with requests in relation to contributions to the University’s “Research pool”.


Collaud Thierry, Faculty of Theology

Stöckli Hubert, Faculty of Law

Bogner Daniel, Faculty of Theology
Schmid Hansjörg, Faculty of Theology
Steymanns Hans-Ulrich, Faculty of Theology
Riedo Christof, Faculty of Law
Werro Franz, Faculty of Law
Fahr Andreas, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
Gugler Philippe, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
Furrer Olivier, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
Ghose Indira, Faculty of Humanities 
Itgenshorst Tanja, Faculty of Humanities 
Nida-Rümelin Martine, Faculty of Humanities 
Albrecht Urs, Faculty of Science and Medicine
Steiner Ullrich, Faculty of Science and Medicine
Werner Philipp, Faculty of Science and Medicine

Research Assistants
Lau Thomas

Katharina M. Fromm, Vice-Rector