Teaching Commission

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • facilitating, where necessary, the coordination of teaching activities within the University;
  • standardising the awarding of ECTS credits;
  • establishing guidelines for the University’s teaching activities and supporting and monitoring their implementation;
  • defining the strategies governing the utilisation of new technologies in teaching and the general priorities of the NTE (New Technologies and Teaching Centre) and supporting their implementation;
  • formulating proposals for the budgets, accounts and annual reports of the University teaching unit and the NTE;
  • submitting to the Rectorate the annual report of activities;
  • advising the Rectorate on its teaching policy;
  • carrying out to the extent of its competency any further tasks which the Rectorate may assign to it.


Chantal Martin Soelch, Vice-Rector

Prof. Salvatore Loiero, Faculty of Theology
Prof. Henri Torrione, Faculty of Law
Prof. Philomen Schönhagen, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social sciences
Prof. Uberto Motta, Faculty of Humanities 
Prof. Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche, Faculty of Science and Medecine

Professorial Board
Prof. Regula Schmidlin
Prof. Markus Gmür

Research Assistants
Julien Lambinet

Noah Strobel
Marco Garofano

Bernadette Charlier, University Teaching and Learning
Lukas Bucher, Academic Director
Gérald Collaud, NTE (New Technologies and Teaching Centre)
Ingrid Hove, Quality Assurance Manager