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Novel bio-compatible catalysts

Dr. Michela Pellizzoni, of the Adolphe Merkle Institute's Macromolecular Chemistry group, has been awarded an Ambizione grant worth over CHF 900,000 by the Swiss National Science Foundation, one of four…

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An exceptional harvest of European funding for UNIFR researchers

The University of Fribourg has obtained three prestigious ERC Starting Grants ‒ funding of 1.5 million Euros for particularly innovative research projects. The three laureates are Dr Nathalie Stroeymeyt…

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«Zahlen existieren nicht von sich aus»

Xavier Richard, Doktorand der Universität Freiburg, schafft mit der Mathematik Brücken zu verschiedenen Forschungsgebieten und erzählt, wie sich abstrakte Zahlen in der Realität widerspiegeln.

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Research Focus

Bochet Group's current research interests include organic synthesis in general, total synthesis of natural products and organic photochemistry. Read more

Message From the Department Head    Marco Lattuada

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