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Latest Publication from the Zobi Group!

Zobi Group has recently published an article in the scientific journal Pharmaceutics entitled "Natural Diatom Biosilica as Microshuttles in Drug Delivery Systems". Congratulations to Joachim Delasoie and…

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Chemistry Department in Franco-German University and Recruitment Fair in Strasbourg

Chemistry Department Student Advisor Dr. Albert Ruggi, PhD Student Joelle Medinger and Administrative Assistant Maja Ivanovic attended to the Franco-German Forum (Franco-German University and Recruitment…

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Infodays 2019

Are you interested in studying medicine or sciences at the University of Fribourg? Come discover our campus and our study programs during the Infodays on November 20th and 27th!

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Research Focus

Kilbinger Group is interested in developing new synthetic methods for the preparation of precision polymers. The group is divided into two sub-groups, one working on aromatic amide polymers and the other on olefin metathesis chemistry. 

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Message From the Department Head Fabio Zobi

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