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Museum Night 2018

26.05.2018 18.00-24.00, also with the Adolphe Merkle Institute, the University's Botanical Garden, and the Natural History Museum.

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To lose weight, should you drink your tea hot or cold?

To burn fat and help lose weight, various studies recommend drinking tea. However, to lose calories, would it perhaps be better to drink it cold? This was the question posed by a team of researchers in…

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Reticular synthesis and the design of new crystalline materials

A talk with Prof. Omar Yaghi from Berkeley, California (future Nobel Prize candidate), 20.04.2018 at 17.00, Grand Auditoire PER 10.

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Research Focus

Coskun Group conducts research in an interdisciplinary area of supramolecular and materials chemistry.  Read more

Message From the Department Head    Marco Lattuada

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