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Fermetures de fin d'année 2018

Bibliothèque: 21 décembre 19h00 - 7 janvier 8h00. Décanat: 24 décembre - 6 janvier compris.

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Fribourg researchers switch off long-term memory

Proteins in brain cells are important for the formation of long-term memory. A research group at the University of Freiburg has now shown in fruit flies, where exactly a particular protein acts. These…

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Nobel Laureate Erwin Neher gives the 8th Weizmann Lecture

Each year, the Chemistry Department at UniFr selects a top-level scholar for its prestigious Chaim Weizmann Lecture. This year, Professor Katharina Fromm welcomed Erwin Neher, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry…

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Research Focus

Lattuada Group research activity aims at designing and synthesizing nano- and micro-particles with complex patterns and interactions and at understanding their interactions using both advanced characterization methods and sophisticated modeling approaches.  

Message From the Department Head    Marco Lattuada

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