Marine biology workshop

  • Teaching


    Faculty Faculty of Science and Medicine
    Domain Biology
    Code UE-SBL.00124
    Languages English
    Type of lesson Internship
    Level Master
    Semester SA-2021


    French Stage de biologie marine
    German Meeresbiologie Praktikum
    English Marine biology workshop

    Schedules and rooms

    Summary schedule Cours bloc
    Struct. of the schedule 8 heures par jour durant deux semaines
    Contact's hours 40



    Experimental benchwork will focus on fundamental aspects of developmental biology and neurobiology of marine animals. Developmental processes such as fertilization, cell lineage, cell differentiation, organogenesis and larval development will be analysed in representative marine organisms (echinoderms, ascidians, annelids). Comparative neurobiological experiments will elucidate major sense organ types, central nervous system organization and behavioral control systems in marine organisms. Developmental evolutionary (EvoDevo) aspects will be emphasized in both experimental areas by demonstrations and theoretical presentations. Independent practical work and literature reports by the participating students will be encouraged. This two week course will be credited with 4 ECTS.

    Training objectives

    The scientific themes will cover an initial general introduction to the marine environment and its diverse ecosystems followed by theoretical and practical introductions to plankton, oceanic nekton, intertidal organisms, and subtidal benthic animals. In subsequent practical comparative work, the morphology and diversity of major invertebrate phyla, including sponges, cnidarians, arthropods, echinoderms and tunicates, and of teleost fish will be explored.

    Comments Every 2 years, bloc course of 2 full weeks
    Off field
  • Assessments methods

    Travail et exposé

    Assessments methods By success/failure
    Descriptions of Exams based on active participation and an oral presentation
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