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Scientists identify 66 future alien species that pose the greatest threat to European biodiversity

Scientists have identified 66 alien plant and animal species that are not yet established in the EU region, but if introduced would be most likely to pose a threat to biodiversity and ecosystems.

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How organisms evolve towards a longer life

How does evolution determine how long organisms can live? A team led by Prof. Thomas Flatt of the University of Fribourg has just published the results of a major study on the evolution of longevity, based…

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Dites-le avec des maths

Emplies d'eau, les feuilles creuses de la Sarracénie pourpre constituent un piège mortel pour les insectes. Ceux-ci, attirés par des odeurs produites par la feuille, viennent accidentellement s'y noyer.…

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Botrylloides leachii

Get acquainted with our closest invertebrate relative.