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The University of Fribourg is a place where learning, research, employment and events all happen at the same time. Its innovative force makes it an important mover in the commercial and cultural life of the region. Since it attracts students and researchers from every part of Switzerland and from all over the world it has shaped life in the bilingual city of Fribourg since it was founded in 1889.



Women perform less well than men: at the core of an illusion

For the same level of performance, a woman is still judged to be less competent than a man, notably in areas which are stereotypically masculine. The University of Fribourg has taken part in a European…

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In Greenland, global warming is intensifying the runoff of meltwater towards the ocean

An international team of researchers, including Horst Machguth of the University of Fribourg, has shown that global warming promotes the formation and expansion of of ice slabs embedded within the arctic…

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Two types of stem cells as the root cause of breast cancer

A research team of the Faculty of Science and Medicine of the University of Fribourg has shown that breast cancers comprise not one, but two distinct groups of stem cells - an important discovery for the…

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Each year many students from Fribourg leave to study for one semester or two in a foreign country.

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