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At the Faculty of Science and Medicine of the University of Fribourg, we teach the next generation of scientists and doctors, with a particular focus on life sciences, biomedicine, and nanomaterials. We train them to face the future challenges of our society.


Step towards a medical treatment of the deleterious effects of Down syndrome

A team of researchers at the University of Fribourg has found evidence for a mechanism that contributes to the impaired metabolism of individuals with Down syndrome. Their organism seems poisoned by an…

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Sur les traces d'une civilisation oubliée à Madagascar

Depuis début août, une équipe de géologues et d'archéologues dirigée par le professeur Vincent Serneels, est en mission de recherche dans le nord-est de Madagascar.

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Clean-up cells struggle to eliminate persistent particles

Cells cannot clear certain nanoparticles (NPs) according to recent research published by Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI) researchers in the journal ACS Nano. These NPs are considered persistent, and their…

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